For Texas

For America

For our Future

Friends, Family, and Fellow Texans

I am a 30+ year Marine Corps Veteran and Businessman. I am a candidate for Congress – 21st District. Washington DC is broken. It continues to waste our tax dollars, exempting itself from the laws that we have to live by and has been derelict in its responsibilities set forth in our Constitution.

Just as I did during my military service, I want to bring my “Servant Leadership” to Washington DC. I am Mission Focused. When possible, I will look to find common ground on legislation, which should apply to all of us. Division and Partisan Politics are NOT GOOD for America. Instead of business as usual, my efforts will be to increase the dialog and work together to find common sense solutions that benefit all Americans.

Under the authority of our Constitution, I will support good stewardship of our tax dollars, and Balanced Budgets. And in order to eliminate the bureaucracy and dysfunction that serves only special interest, I will support term limits for all elected members of Congress.

I request your prayers and support. I hope you will consider getting involved in my campaign. It is time for “We the People” to take our country back!

Thank you & Semper Fidelis (Always Faithful) ~


In the private sector, Colonel White has served in sales, marketing, and management positions within the medical device sector and in the Defense Industry.


Colonel White is married to the former Ms. Michelle Villers, and they have two daughters, Sarah and Rachel.  Colonel White now lives in the Texas Hill Country.


During Colonel White’s 32 year career, he served in several assignments including Senior Liaison Officer at the Defense Intelligence Agency and National Counter-terrorism Center, in Washington DC.